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Supplements for your pets

Treat your pal

Love your pets as  much as they love you!TM

Your pet may not be getting all the nutrients they need!

Are you aware that most packaged dog and cat food may be heat treated up to four times which greatly reduces the nutrients they require?

Pet Power ZX is an effective and tasty everyday nutritional supplement to keep your pet happy and healthy.


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John O'Hurley - Best Selling Author, Actor, Host of the National Dog Show and Pet Owner

How do Pet ZX products help your pet?

Optimum Health and Energy Levels
(Pet Power ZX for Dogs and Pet Power ZX for Cats)

A digestive enzyme blend supports the breakdown of food which makes nutrients more easily available for absorption. Dogs love the liver flavor and cats love the chicken flavor.

Promotes the health of your pet’s nervous system, joints and cellular energy production
(Omega 3 ZX)

Wild Alaskan fish oil is combined with Co-Enzyme Q10.

Heals Minor Cuts and Scrapes
(First Aid ZX)

Helps minor cuts, scrapes, abrasions, itchy skin and hot spots heal faster.

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