About PetsZX

Our aim is to help your pets stay healthy at every stage of their lives.

PetsZX currently has 4 products on the market - with more coming!

PetsZX Zentex™ supplement formulations are unique and proprietary. Simply add to your pet's food. The supplement products are delicious to your pets with no fuss and no muss for you. Simply sprinkle it on your pet's food or add water to make gravy and our products do the rest.

Pet Power ZX™ for Dogs Everyday nutritional building blocks for your pets overall well being. Dogs will love the liver flavor. Learn More

Pet Power ZX™ for Cats Everyday nutritional building blocks for your pets overall well being. Cats will love the chicken flavor. Learn More

First Aid Spray ZX™ Naturally helps wounds, cuts, scrapes, hot spots heal quickly. It's safe and non-toxic. Learn More

Omega 3 ZX™ with Co-Enzyme Q10 Wild Alaskan fish oil is combined with Co-Q10. These ingredients are generally recognized to promote the health of your pet’s nervous system, joints and cellular energy production. Learn More

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Love Your Pets as Much as They Love You™

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Pet News Network (PNN) - Important message about PetsZX products


Here's what you can expect from all Pet ZX products

All PetsZX products work in harmony with each other to promote the overall wellbeing for a healthy and happy pet. The products provide nutrient building blocks promoting optimum energy, health and wellness for your pet.

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Product Standard and Quality Control

PetsZX products are manufactured meeting GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) facilities. Documentation is available upon request.

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