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Tips to maintain your pet’s health

Tips to maintain your pet’s health

The goal for any pet owner is to provide the best care and lifestyle to prolong their pet’s life. Here are some common tips to promote a healthy life.

Proper Diet:

Like humans, a big part of living a healthy life is managing what we put into our bodies. The same goes for pets. A nutritional diet can help boost your pet’s immune system, maintain a healthy gut (intestinal) as well as maintain healthy joints and muscles. 

Stay Lean:

One of the most common diseases seen in pets in recent years is obesity which studies have shown to decrease a dog or cat’s life by as much as two years. Your pet may also be in risk of joint/heart disease and diabetes.

Regular check-ups

Dogs and cats both need regular care. Even if your pets show no signs of health issues, it’s a good idea have a veterinarian do a yearly examination as they may uncover hidden problems. Early diagnosis improves the chances of successful treatment. 

Oral Health

Dental and oral disease are common amongst pets when routine mouth care is not applied. Oral issues are not only painful but may also make it hard for your pet to eat food and in extreme cases put your pet at risk for heart and kidney disease. On top of routine dental checkups owners can incorporate dental treats and toys. Ask your veterinarian for additional recommendations.


Dog parks, beaches, your yard and other pet friendly areas are common places to let your dog run around freely. Even though these areas may be safe it’s easy to take your eyes off your pet. It’s in these moments when your pet can be susceptible to dangers including automobiles, predators (even other pets), exposure to diseases and poisons to name a few. Always keep an eye on your pet even in places that may seem 100% safe.

Source: Lorie Huston, DVM. “Five Life Threatening Health Tips for Your Pet”, petMD, LLC,

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